Friday, May 6, 2011

Another building WIP, just needs touch ups

A few months ago, my pal Segnett and I decided we were going to build  large scale play sets for our sons.  As I've posted previously, I quickly finished a bank or other similar building entry(with the bank to be finished later) and an interior set for a jail cell.  Today I took another WIP a few more steps down the road.  This is going to be a blown out building, rubble, crack house, whatever you want to call a really cool place for Cobra to ambush GI Joe, :)

Since Segnett and I are also working on a 1/18th scale skirmish game, this will also be a nice piece of terrain for that system when we are ready to test it.

This building started life as a power team elite desert battle area.  I changed that with a single coat of paint to more closely match(but not exactly) the command center from the same line which will be the joes base in this large scale play set.  I'm not sure how realistic the brick under the crumbling facade is, but I think it looks fun on the table and bright colors seem to engage my son more than dulled ones, which I would have used if this was for adult war gaming.  Who am I kidding, I would have used this fire engine red for my terrain as well.

A technique I have picked up recently(and linked in this blog) is using acrylic fixed print outs as posters.  I think this really adds something to this piece and I plan to use this in a much more pronounced way in upcoming pieces(both for this play set and my war gaming terrain).

Shown below for proper scale using one of my favorite(if not realistic) customs.


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