Monday, May 9, 2011

BBI WW2 weapon packs, 1/18 scale, found at Tuesday Morning

So while watching my wife assault the local Tuesday Morning looking for deals, I tried to amuse myself in this mecca for the meticulous saver.  I did find a nice pair of sprue clippers masquerading as some lady beautification device for half the price GW wants, so that made me a bit pleased, but I still quested further into the toys section.  Most of it was quite horrible, but at the end, near a ton of Tron figures, I found some cool litlte 1/18 scale guns.  They seemed to be accessory packs(from back in the day of collecting IMHO) for a BBI's figure range.  they had multiples of two separate sets, so I purchased one of each.

As you can see, BBI originally thought these were worth five bucks each, but the market seems to have determined otherwise.  I thought they were a steal at 2 bucks...oh how right I was...someone was getting robbed.

The first one had a cart of some sort, as well as a thompson, a bazooka, 4 ammo boxes, grenades, a trench tool and a few other random bits I didn't even bother to catalog.  The first thing I noticed about these toys...they are very cheaply made, I thought I was going to destroy the cart just putting the wheels on.

After messing around with these for a bit...not impressed.  The one cool thing, the 1/18 scale makes all my joes look like giants...which is good for a killer robot with a funny hat.

Speaking of scale discrepancies, these guys seem to work great for my 40k marines.  I think the cart in particular looks fetching on my terminator and the grenades will definitely find their way onto my marines as I continue to build the warm marines.

Sadly, the other pack was even more useless to me

And again will find its way into my 40k bits box...can't have too many grenades and rockets and ammo belts.


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