Thursday, May 5, 2011

Work in Progress: Cerberus Legion or....the warm marines

So not long ago....after a severe defeat for my beloved Ultramarines...I started to think I might need to look into the more competitive marines.  I actually had about 80 space wolves...painted up in classic 3rd livery...but I just couldn't see playing another blue army.  After experimenting with a few boring occurred to me...just have fun with it.

Thus the Cerebrus Legion was born.....warm.  A very very bright color immediately sets these guys apart.

 The scheme has evolved slowly over the last six months.  The dread in the center is the first vehicle I attempted.  I moved to the raiders, then the wolf vindy and by the time I hit the second vindy, I had already developed a new way to paint the orange which makes it far more vivid and automatically adds a highlight.  I'll detail that later.

Included below is the motorpool, including drop pods, I will be adding infantry and fluff to this blog as they are finished.

 The mighty, mighty Phobus Pattern was second to the Crusader and rarely sees combat in my local gaming.


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