Thursday, June 9, 2011

1/18th war, first battle report

As I've said previously in this blog, not only am I working on a play table, 1/18 city playset for my kid, I'm also working with a buddy of mine on a wargame for our action figure collections.  Coincidence, right?  Well, before I posted the rules I've been using up on the work group for the project, I felt I needed a second test(the first being before the rules were very fleshed out and basically just dice rolls at random).

For this scenario, I had one operator level(think hero) bank robber attempting to flee and being accosted by a patrol officer(even though the figure I used has a swat look to him).  the picture above shows the initial deployment.  What I've cropped out is my little boy attempting to move not only the figures, but the buildings from behind the scenes.
The lucky patrol officer here, actually got the drop(automatic initiative) on the robber, so I let him blast off a few rounds(normally only one round for his base characteristic, but 3 can be fired in a flurry at reduced marskman(ballistic) skill).  

Of course, in any game I play, rolling a one is bad....

Quickly, the target becomes the shooter:

and his assault weapon allows him to triple his base attack with no penalty:

I made the civilians panic and move D6 away, I thought it was funny.

in the above, I had a sniper on the rooftop to assist the cops(originally he was going to be the robber's associate, but the cop went down fast).  Sadly, I moved the shooter into the minimum range no fire for the sniper's weapon, and instead of spending a turn switching weapons, I just let the robber shoot him.  Some phenom rolling and another victim went down.

I had the cop's partner(also looking like swat) approach from the north(relative facings in this game) deployment and attempt to fire, he whiffed and again, stunning rolls by the operator killed a cop.

I didn't want my kid to think criminals always I dug into the collection for this guy!


Overall, this game still has a lot of work, doesn't flow as smoothly as it should, and does take into consideration true line of site, cover, and material str of cover(and thus those were ignored), also, I'm thinking a sniper rifle should not have a minimum range.


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