Monday, June 6, 2011

The Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge

The Independent Characters - View forum - The ICs Hobby Progress Challenge

Carl, Geoff, and Zach(and I'm sure their two hitmen) are busy cooking up a sweet contest for those 40k players eager to start, complete, or just paint an 1850 tournament list.

The guys are hosting a challenge, that is about 10 months from start to finish and challenges gamers to take their army, from the beginning through to a playable army, presumably to play at Adepticon 2012. As anyone who listens to the show can attest, these guys run a tight ship, have a very polished and thorough approach to anything, and probably the best prizes around.

So go on over, state your army and goal, and join the hobby progress challenge(named after a very popular segment of their amazing podcast).


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