Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dusting off the Grey Knights or....Joining the Bandwagon!

Back in the darkest days of 3rd edition, I fell to the lure of very nice models and mediocre rules...the forces of the Daemon Hunters!  I never really liked the way they played, so beyond just enjoying the models...I didn't really want to play them.  I shelved them waiting for the day they might be fun again.

Now, with a new codex, I don't know, I feel dirty playing them.  I wasn't loyal to them while they were suffering under their old rules, so I feel like I'd just be jumping the bandwagon to play them now.  Also, this army has a nice detachment of IG that can no longer be do I want to start an IG army?  Not sure.

Anyway, here are the models:


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