Thursday, May 19, 2011

Armies that never quite took off

I think we all have them, good ideas for armies, love of models that make us want to play armies, random bits in our bits boxes that make us think we could do an army cheaply or well.  But they never really go anywhere.

Today, I thought I would share a few of mine.  The first my poor neglected space wolves.  I was calling my hunt(for lack of a better term) "Baldr's Reign" but I never really liked them, another baby blue army after fielding my ultramarines for years was a no go.  Eventually, I just painted them orange and they are still space wolves.

Next, oh boy, my Ultramarines 1st company; I had high hopes for this army but never go around to adding any vehicles or converting up a Belial(though the new Deathwing FAQ is encouraging).  Add in that now I would need to rebase the entire force to the large 40mm slottas...just not worth it right now.

Ahhh, my much loved IG force.  Most of these guys got pushed into the Daemon Hunters force back in 3rd ed, but a few models I just didn't have the heart to change up.  This guy looks mean, but he's steel not exactly an army I can afford to play.

My first army was Dark Angels.  This squad was painted by a good friend of mine as a birthday present, but I quickly switched to ultramarines.  Because of the way I based and painted back then, I actually have about 40 marines, a rhino, and a dread to go with these, probably a 1000 pt force that will never see the tabletop.

Ok, this isn't a refugee from a lost army, it was Christmas gift, but since the picture was found while looking for the above, I had to include it.  Rogue Trader marines FTW!  Also, this guy has a santa hat, thus he was "Christmas Calgar."

Ahhh, the mythril hunters cadre....the Tau was a super fun army that I enjoyed back in the day.  I actually had a very large force of these, but my opponents refused to play them.  The guys show below were human auxillaries, which I think even had rules.  Anyway, when I traded the army away...these guys were unwanted, so they stayed in the display case.  They are certainly a fun set of models and remind me of simpler times when the Tau were a force to be reckoned with.

Oy, 2nd ed Tryanids...need I say more?

Orcs in fantasy...another short lived idea.  I blame the starter box.  Interestingly enough, I found use for the chariot in my Daemons army, so all was not lost.

This poor guy is just a representative of my 2nd edition Biel Tan eldar army.  I loved these guys back in the day, but the modern cookie cutter eldar lists just make me want to box these til another edition comes out.  This guy also got called the "algae avatar" quite often, so fun times.

So I hope you guys enjoyed a brief tour of armies past and never to be.  Maybe you have your own phantom armies floating around.


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