Friday, February 18, 2011

Warhammer 40k Battle Report: Necrons vs Chaos Marines, 1750

So my buddy Segnett has been trying to make necrons work about about 10 months, pretty much since we got back in last Spring.  No matter how many times we tell him how much they suck, he keeps telling us how much he likes the models and just doesn't care.  Finally, after much debate, he has agreed to test his chaos marines out and just so he knows how pitiful necrons are, I'll be playing my necron force as a tune up game for him.

Roll dice and tie mission, table quarters deployment

This is my pretty standard necron 1750 force

2x 20 warriors(normally it would be 4x 10, but I was being lazy)
1 lord on destroyer body with warscythe, res orb, lightning field, phylactery
1 regular lord res orb, gaze of flame
1 monolith
10 scarabs
1 monolith
5 heavy destroyers divided into 2 squads.

I really have real plan with these guys, advance around the edge with my heavy destroyers trying to stay within six inches of one of my  lords and stay in cover as much as possible while picking off his armor.  I plan for my flying lord and his scarabs to flank the chaos force and hopefully cause some havoc, meanwhile my monolith will deepstrike and deliver my 2nd squad of marines while my first squad holds the objective.

His chaos army was, I think:

1 Pirate Proteus(counts as Huron Blackheart)
9 chosen, I think a champion
1 squad plague marines
1 squad thousand sons marines
2 five man squads of raptors toting 2 melta guns(my suggestion for the army)
1 landraider
1 vindicator
2 rhinos, I think
1 squad of lesser daemons

Segnetts army is very cooly converted to be a iron warriors company that left Perturbo's service and sought their fortunes.  I think his fluff even mentions abandoning the iron warriors after loosing the right to field a basilisk, :)

Any way, my army is as follows:

 Notice my very cool proxy for the monolith.  I actually had models for the mono, but traded them off in hopes my scratch built would be cool.  Then, of course, I abandoned them.

Segnetts rather bland iron warriors army, comprised mostly of cowards and deserters, lol.

For the battle's objectives, we chose to place two identical buildings that we would have to capture, for fun we made them emplacements/cover instead of actual bunkers.  It was loads of fun leaving 20 necrons in my building and then planning my march across the board.  Segnett started out meched up and ready to roll out.

This was my very cautious opening.  After positioning, I only had two units that could fire, the heavy destroyers.

Luckily, they smacked this guy and immobilized him before he could move. Look how cowardly he is, hiding behind a kool aid container....OH YEAH!

With very limited options, Segnett advanced on my lines.  I think he made a mistake not moving his vindicator the entire distance, it was obviously out of range, but Seg is a very cautious guy.

Unless you count his raptors, they dropped in and murdered my squad of 3 heavy destroyers, while his long range shooting killed one of my other heavy destroyers(guarding my objective).

I had no choice but to charge with the scarabs during my turn and destroy his 2nd unit of raptors, while the others moved closer to the objective.

He then moved up and deployed his thousand sons, these guys are nasty.

Here we see the villainous vindicator trying to line up a shot on my poor defenseless scarabs.  Can't see them?  Yeah, this shot was actually taken after he vaped them, I think.

At least the vast majority of them, while my lord took out the rhino, his scared little scarabs attacked the thousand sons, the combat was indecisive and my lord was forced to join in.

On my turn, the battle raged on in hand to hand and I was able to drop my monolith and 2nd warriors squad(out of the mono) right in on his objective.  Unfortunately, his vindicator made short work of my invincible pyramid of death, so my warriors prepared to weather his entire army coming down on them.

Yeah, this battle went on forever, just couldn't get any with my scarabs and my lord was killing about 2 a turn.

Eventually my lord was felled by a force weapon, which is zero fun.

Even though he was defeated, as I related, stabbed in the back by one of those sorcerors.  The lord was able to pull himself together, regenerate two wounds and charge the thousand sons again.  Meanwhile, my troops advanced into my opponents building.   Sadly, his entire army opened fire and charged....there were no survivors.  As it turned out, we both held our own objectives....but around here, we always go to killpoints(at least we should) to resolve ties.  Chaos defeated the necrons 7-2, I think it was a massacre.

Our second battle was my Daemons vs pretty much the same chaos list.   He took first turn, so for all of deployment and his first turn, this was the table(he didn't really move):

Of course, once the daemons took the field, it was a very bloody affair.  But that is a tale for another time.....


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