Friday, February 18, 2011

Very cool terrain, best of all, its already painted

So, a small group of us in my local area have started playing malifaux.  Its a pretty clever game, but it requires a fair concentration of terrain to be fun....and to keep certain female outlaws from blasting people from range.  This has been a slight problem as the majority of our terrain is themed more for a grimly dark future.  No one around here is really interested in making new terrain, crafting it, painting it, etc, so we are always on the lookout for a short cut.

I think this might be just the ticket.  It seems these guys not only make very cool terrain, but they paint it for you as well.  The cost seems very low when you consider this stuff is already painted, saving you hours of tedious work.  I plan to check these out more over the next few months, probably post adepticon, and hopefully, this will help us when we hit Malifaux again in April.


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