Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cerberus Legion update

I am always looking for a way for my army to stand out just a bit more.  This week, I've decided to work on the basing of my counts as grey knights army, the cerberus legion.  I really enjoy the blazing orange and bright blue contrast and I wanted to carry that through to their basing as well.  One trick I picked from the chaos wolves army was to use a color to ring the base, as opposed to keeping it back or a more subtle colro such as green or brown.

I did this with the accent color of the army, coral blue..or periwinkle, depending on whom you ask.

I've also added another tool to my frugal hobby supplies, a painting water cup using an old spray paint lid.  Basically, there are two(or more) different sections in the lid which can keep your clean water separate from your dirty water, the water you have cleaned your brush in.  Simple and effective and almost free.

I think the added color makes all the difference.  Of course, I now have no choice but to base these guys...I'm thinking destroyed necrons from my favored opponent.


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