Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Independent Characters Adepticon Coverage!

IC Press Release:

The Independent Characters are once again proud to bring you the excitement of the finals for The 2012 Adepticon Warhammer 40k Championships live and in streaming video!In the time-tested tradition of sportscasters everywhere, The Independent Characters will be providing coverage of the final table, and the games leading up to that table, from multiple camera angles as well as in depth explanations of the final missions/objectives, live commentary of each round with expert analysis of the tactics involved, and post-game interviews with the winner and runner-up.This year we are bringing a large number of improvements to the coverage we provided last year. Not only is the system is more stable than last year, but we also have the ability to have audio of the games as they unfold.We are extremely excited to bring the action and excitement of the Adepticon Warhammer 40K Championships to all those in the community that cannot attend in person.Leading up to Adepticon itself, you can listen to The Independent Characters as they discuss upcoming coverage preparations, as well as news and information regarding the Warhammer 40k Championships.CLICK HERE for more information about The Independent Characters.You will be able to watch the event live here:


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