Friday, February 3, 2012

Scarab project is ready for paint(all 93 of them!).

Hello all,

Just a quick update to my scarab project.  I worked tirelessly at the forge all weekend and got my scarabs about 60% finished, but had a change up in the process mid way.  I had been making my own objective markers for use in adepticon and as they were on 40mm bases and the scarabs were on 40mm bases, it occured to me that I might as well just base them all the same.

My idea for the objectives was to be a very simple matter, just a symbol. I was delighted to learn that the serpent is a big deal in the Egyptian mythology, and thus Necron, and I just happend to have the perfect idea for a base.

This was a pretty easy set for me, I had plenty of the symbols floating around in my toy box.  I carefully trimmed a few and applied them to a base, filled in the gaps(only a bit, I don't want smooth edges) with Elmers and off to the silicone bakery.

As I've shown before with my scarabs, they are one sided push molds like Ron demonstrated, so they generally have no detail on the bottoms. However, since I used high strength silicone instead of green stuff, I was able to cheat a little and get the appearance of a complete copy.

To keep the general aesthetic of the new scarab bases, I elected to 'float' my scarabs over the bases using paperclips cut into tiny lengths.  The guys shown below are prototypes, as I plan to completely paint both halves before final assembly.

Anyway, that is where I'm at on that.  I'm glad to be able to make enough scarabs for the farm and still continue with my classic necron raider army.  I will be posting pictures of my force as it grows as well as showcasing its current incarnation, so please check back.


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