Sunday, January 22, 2012

Predictions based in nothing more than madness

Carnac the Magnificent. by Victor McCay

So one thing I've noticed, among the blogs I read, is the scatter shot prediction method.. Basically, you have a list of hugely crazy predictions and when one is right you seize on that one to back up your future crazy predictions.

Now, generally, I see people taking predictions from noteworthy sources(such as the TEW with their necron leak), changing just a bit and then claiming you were right.

Now, with that in mind, I think I'm going to start my own predictions and please feel free to add your own.

Lets start with an easy one, sixth ed boxed set!

A lot of people have argued you can not have a boxed game without space marines, and while that has been the case, my wild speculation for the sixth ed box will be : Tzneetch marines vs eldar, black library battle...and optional tie to the black library books, :)

Oh come on, we know chaos is coming and including them in the 6th ed would allow the company to drop the boxset that much faster...and eldar...sheesh, they'd be ok in there. Besides, ahriman vs eldrad would be epic.

Next stop 6th ed rules: I'm gonna predict more models used per game....and models that have not sold well will be great in the new edition....snarky and cynical, perhaps, but I need at least one prediction to come to fruition so I can back up my other wilder ones, :)

Anyone else wanna play?


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