Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cerebrus Legion Terminators...the warm marines!

So its been a while, with work, a sudden operation for my spouse, and the subsequent holidays, I've been out of sorts for months.  But finally, back on the wagon for the IC challenge.  Recently, while making lunch for my two little ones I had a great idea.  I was making hot wings and noticing how the sauce on the wings as it cooked spread and tore/thinned leaving wonderful shading.  So I stored that way til the next time I was painting.

Today I tried something similar on my warm marines, basically a lot of air...and very very bright colors.  I'm not confident on the process yet,so I won't bore anyone with details, but I got these guys:

As you can see it is not a perfect process...yet.  I added in a little pre shading on the claws and details, just to break them up a little.

I do, however, love the automatic shading on items with larger surfaces, such as the powerfist.  I plan to continue this technique until I can quickly paint up all my marines.  I currently have 40 in the queue for this challenge, but I have probably 150 that need to be added to this army to cover all the permutations of using various codicies(thank you Goat!).  Even though I plan to use the same marines and vehicles for each chapter's codex, I do plan to have all the correct models that are specific to that army as well, such as sanguinary guard, grey knight models, loads of different opportunities for beautiful orange marines.


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