Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Brief Finecast review

It seems everyone was against finecast when I first heard about it.  I have to admit, its only because of my advancing years that I decided to not give into the fanfare and instead wait until I had my very own finecast model before passing judgement.

So, what to do?  I have been toying around with a grey knights army the past few weeks, so I was sure I wanted to get a finecast model from that range and perhaps work it into the army.  I had lucked upon a Castellan Crowe for a very good price, and seeing as how that was the only character I had intended to use, I was at a loss.  So I just bought a model that looked good, and to give GW a leg up, I made sure to get as new a model as I could, the result, Draigo!

Although I do not plan to use this guy(or invest in tons of terminators), I do enjoy his look and thought he'd be a fair test of the finecast range.  I really love the new packaging, even if it is not reusable(come on GW, throw us a bone) with a bright colorful picture instead of the old clear clamshell that made everything look identical.  

So upon first popping this guy out, he's on two sprues...and there would appear to be a ton of flash.  Of course, as soon as I started to touch the sprues, the flash quickly fell away, probably leaving less flash than on a traditional model.  Now, I'm a 40k'er from the '90s, so I've actually had metal flash under my fingernails from some GW blisters, so this is a nice change of pace:

As I said, most of the flash fell away, and I was actually able to remove the model without clippers or knife(a dangerous gamble to be sure).

I did notice a little break on one of his cables, but since I'm not exactly a great painter, or competitive in the hobby aspect, this was fine.  But I guess its something to be aware of and the reason we should always use our clippers or knives, lol.  The only issue I've noticed with this guy is right below his robes, its hard for me to capture, but it looks like a second set of robes, so I'll have to defer to the picture or those more talented than I before I attempt to remove it.

So overall?  I'm not hating finecast, that's for certain.  Does it make me super happy giggly?  No, of course not, but as GW marches on, I guess its not the worst move they've made.  Its not like they introduced a price hike at the same time they made news of switching to a cheaper material or anything.


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