Monday, October 4, 2010


Anyone who customizes action figures(and there are many of us), even poorly, really likes the idea of making avatars of his friends.  I am no exception.  At the time of these figures, 2006 or so, I was in the midst of making my own joeverse (a reality for my joe figures to live in), at least in my head.  I had my good buddy Jason as a UN advisor/agent named Remiel:


Looks clean, right, mostly just a parts swap.  I was honored much later by having a buddy of mine incorporate this character into his own joeverse, but even without that awesomeness, I am still pleased by this figure.

And then there is my buddy Jay(of the current challenge).  Jay is a little bit of a character, so I could hardly make him a good guy.  Instead, I envisioned him as a liaison between MARS(the company that supplies Cobra with its cool gear) and the Dreadnoks(a biker gang lead by a shapeshifter).  Sure he was a salesman, but he would also have to be tough as nails to make it with the bikers.  So I went for a more sinister look:


Not bad, and years later, I still have both of these figures in my office.


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