Saturday, November 18, 2017

Bartertown Chaos Daemon/Marine Army

This is my chaos daemons of khorne army.  It was assembled mostly in 4th and 5th edition, but has models from probably all eras of GW.  I have many more marines on sprue and rather large bitz box which is not pictured, but can inventory if someone is interested in marines over daemons..or both.

SoulGrinder 3

Army Transport for majority of khorne daemon army, may or may not fit 3rd soulgrinder.

soulgrinders one and two.  One has freehand khorne symbols

bloodletter squad


OOP bloodthirsters, still legal..but might be better used as daemon they have plastic daemon prince wings

more blood letters

khorne zombies...I'm not sure that was a thing.

tzneetch flamers...ap3 goodness from 5th

Thousand sons and upgrade parts

Khorne beserkers

bits from fantasy, daemons, and warstore bitz bag


oop epidemius...I believe

cursed metal bloodthirster wings

various models from the work table.

forgeworld daemon prince and herald

bitz box from the "Nurgle Wolves" project

OOP metal models

random models not assigned to squads or army and bitz...always bitz


two metal daemon princes and 8 oop metal fleshhounds

30(I think) bloodletters

nurglings and khorne wip

oop metal bloodletters

models not currently assigned to squads

slightly less oop flesh hounds, plaguebearers and metal bitz

3 khorne bloodcrushers

plastic bitz

plastic bitz

24 dire wolves, I think,(fantasy)

Here is the list with current GW prices and total model numbers.


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